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Making the Most of Mount Sinai Hospital Prenatal classes in Toronto

Are They Worth Your Investment?

Wondering if the prenatal classes at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto are worth the time and money? Many new parents often ask this question. Nowadays, there are lots of online resources and books about parenting. It can be confusing to decide if the hospital classes are providing something more valuable than what these free resources provide.

Some obvious benefits from taking hospital prenatal classes include:

  • Personalized Support: In hospital prenatal classes, the teachers are directly accessible. You can ask question, and they work with you individually to address your specific worries and problems.
  • Hands-On Practice: These classes often include practical activities. You can learn things like how to change diapers or hold your baby properly. This hands-on experience is valuable and hard to get from just reading online.
  • Reliable Information: Hospitals provide the clinical standard of service and information. So, you can trust that what you’re learning is accurate and safe for you and your baby. Online, it’s harder to tell if the information is credible, but in a hospital class, you know it’s reliable and these teachers can have years of experience.
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Mount Sinai Hospital Prenatal and Parenting Education Courses in toronto

600 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1X5

Part of Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto), known as one of the leading women’s health-care centers globally, the Prenatal and Parenting Education Program offers a variety of classes and services, all delivered by experienced health-care professionals. Prospective participants need not be patients at Mount Sinai Hospital to enroll in any of the courses. I signed up for several of the Mount Sinai courses during my first pregnancy and here are some insights.

Meet the Anesthesiologist

The Division of Obstetric Anesthesia organizes ‘Meet the Anesthesiologist’ evenings. I believe this course is their most popular, as well as being great value at just $20. It was an essential course for me as I had a lot of concerns regarding anesthesia during labor. This meeting definitely helped me to prepare mentally for my labor and delivery, and it also gave me a decent understanding of the available postpartum pain management options. It incorporated a valuable question-and-answer session, to help attendees to clarify any of their doubts. I can confidently recommend it!

Preparing for Childbirth & Your New Baby

The popular Prenatal Series is suggested for expectant families during their 3rd trimester, so that both parents have some common understanding and knowledge about childbirth and baby care. As recommended, I attended this course with my partner. It is quite time-consuming (e.g. four weekly evening sessions or two full days on subsequent weekends) and a bit expensive at $235. Additionally, a hospital tour is available only at the downtown location. Maybe in retrospect, you might find that much of the content wasn’t so directly useful, as you figure out your own ways to do things, but it was definitely comforting at the time. One of the most important messages for us was to always keep a baby’s head covered (that’s all what my husband remembers)!

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding can be so challenging at the start! This virtual class is tailored for mothers who may not be enrolled in Mount Sinai’s comprehensive Childbirth evening or weekend series, and it is also a good value at just $20! During this session, a skilled lactation consultant will impart valuable insights into topics such as breastfeeding, pumping, and maintaining a healthy milk supply. You’ll also learn effective strategies to enhance your breastfeeding journey and gain knowledge about nutrition and medication considerations while breastfeeding. I definitely recommend this class to new moms.

Preparing for Multiples Class Series

The program replaces the regular prenatal series for parents anticipating multiple births. Given that complexity, the program is time-intensive at 5 full days and it costs $250. If I was expecting multiples, I’m sure that I would have wanted all the support that I could get and I would have taken this course.

Comfort Measures Class

Expecting mothers who plan to use non-medical relaxation and comfort techniques during labor and birth, might benefit from this material. It’s a good idea to bring your partner, doula, or someone who can support you during labor and birth. Keep in mind, the material of this class might overlap with some other prenatal courses.

To know if the prenatal and parenting education courses are good for you, consider how much you and your partner already know about childbirth and baby care, and what you expect from the course. Remember that some classes can be expensive and time consuming. I prefer attending classes in person as they might have some hands-on practice, except for the Meet the Anesthesiologist class. Mount Sinai offers many more virtual and Toronto downtown classes you can check out here.

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