In-home newborn photos taken by Toronto newborn photographer.

5 reasons to love
in-Home Newborn Photos

Capturing Precious Moments in the Heart of Toronto with In-Home Newborn Photography

I am sure that it can be intimidating to have a near-stranger walk into your home to photograph you, just when you are figuring out your new life with a newborn.  But as a passionate newborn photographer, I want to share why taking baby pictures at home is so wonderful!  I love these sessions, and here are five big reasons why.

The Magic of Home Newborn Photos

1. Comfort at Toronto Home with a Newborn Baby

Home is where everyone feels cozy and safe, especially your newborn. When I take pictures at your place, you and baby can relax. When your baby feels comfortable, that calmness shows in the photos. Whether it’s in the nursery’s soft light or when cuddling on your sofa, these natural moments make the best pictures. There’s no need to worry about props or elaborate setups; your home provides the perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of your family. I encourage you to simply be yourselves – cuddle your baby, share tender moments, and revel in the joy of parenthood.

2. Special Family Memories

I love capturing things that mean a lot to you. Maybe it is a blanket Grandma made, or a special baby outfit, or a thoughtful décor in your nursery. These personal touches make photos unique. Your family’s story is one-of-a-kind, and I want to tell it through pictures. It’s not just about the baby; it’s about your love, your home, and what makes your family special.

3. No Stresses, Just Cuddles with Your Baby

Having a new baby can be busy, so I come to you. You don’t need to worry about packing up or traveling, or even cleaning outside of the photography locations. If the baby needs a break or a feed, no problem! What matters most to me is letting the baby take the lead during the session. I follow your baby’s natural rhythm and capture moments of your little one stretching in your arms, yawning, snuggling, looking wide-eyed, sleeping, or even crying. The focus is on capturing the genuine and authentic moments as they naturally unfold. We go at your pace, making the experience easy and enjoyable. It’s not just about taking photos; it’s about making great memories without any stress.

4. Unhurried Bliss: In-Home Newborn Photos

Opting for an in-home newborn baby session means no rush, unlike studio sessions. In your familiar space, there’s no time pressure. I’m a patient photographer, striving for perfect pictures. A client review speaks for itself:

"Inga was remarkably patient, and her determination and dedication to her craft to get the perfect picture really pays off - I absolutely loved the photos from both my maternity and newborn sessions."

This reflects my dedication to creating cherished memories without any stress or hurry.

5. Pets are welcome!

Your furry family members, be they dogs, cats or even chinchillas, are more than welcome to participate in the in-home session. Pets are an integral part of the family, and their presence adds a unique charm to the photographs. Whether it’s a loyal dog standing guard by the baby’s crib or a curious cat gently exploring the surroundings, their involvement can create heartwarming and adorable moments. We just need to ensure these interactions between your baby and pets are safe, and they will result in adorable photos.

Home newborn sessions are full of love and happiness. Your comfy home, personal touches, and a relaxed vibe make newborn photos extra special. I feel lucky to be a part of your family’s early days and to capture these sweet moments. If you or someone you know is expecting, consider a home newborn session in Toronto. Please check out my portfolio! It’s not just pictures; it’s a celebration of your family and the love you share.

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