How to Dress your Baby for a Newborn Photoshoot

If you are a Toronto parent and looking for the right outfit for your newborn photoshoot or maybe just looking for some organic and high quality outfits, please check this post!

Why Opt for Minimalist Baby Outfits?

Minimalist outfits help to create timeless photos by minimizing other visual distractions which can take away from your baby’s fine details.  These outfits serve as a blank canvas, allowing the newborn photographer to capture the purity and innocence of your newborn.

Choosing White or Neutral Colors

Simple white or natural-colored baby outfits are perfect for minimalist newborn photography. White or neutral colors reflect light beautifully, creating a bright atmosphere in the photographs. They bring attention to your baby’s features and provide a clean, uncluttered backdrop. Neutral tones like cream, beige, pastel colors and soft gray photograph beautifully.

Avoiding Contrast Patterns

A minimalist style also minimizes any image contrasts and textures which are visually distracting and detract from the overall goal of simplicity. Opt for solid colors or subtle textures that add depth without overwhelming the frame. This ensures that the focus remains on the delicate features and expressions of your precious little one.

What to buy for your baby’s photoshoot?

For your baby’s photo session, you can choose matching sets like a shirt with leggings or sweatpants, bodysuits, sleepers, or rompers. It’s a good idea to have at least two outfits ready, just in case of accidents. And don’t forget to include an outfit with bare feet because we’ll want to capture those adorable little toes in the pictures!

Choosing the right size

When preparing outfits for your newborn’s photoshoot, be sure to check the size carefully. Some newborn clothing labeled 1-3 months might be too large for many newborns in their first weeks. Opting for clothing marked NB (Newborn) or outfits designed for preemies could ensure a better fit and a more snugly adorable look for your little one’s photo session.

A newborn baby is wrapped and ready to sleep during his newborn photography session in Toronto.

Baby swaddles

Babies exude an irresistible charm when swaddled, not to mention the added benefit of enhanced sleep. Personally, I find the swaddled look to be one of the most endearing for capturing memorable baby pictures. The muslin swaddles, with their incredibly soft texture and minimalist neutral patterns, contribute to a visually pleasing aesthetic in photographs.

A few details!

Pop of color & accessories 

When dressing up your precious newborn for a photo session, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! You can choose a cute hair band or a little hat to make the outfit extra adorable. Especially adorable are beanie hats with the top knot or baby bonnets. A plain organic onesie will look fine but a small detail like ruffles or a few buttons will add some cuteness. But don’t forget: less is more!


I really love simple solid in color outfits with textures like ribbed or waffled cotton. Also, soft textures add a touch of coziness, enhancing the overall warmth of the images.

Local Toronto Stores
for Organic Boutique Baby Clothing

Explore these local Toronto stores for organic boutique baby clothing to not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to a sustainable and comfortable experience for your little one. With these choices, you’re well on your way to creating timeless memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Early Bird and Worm

149 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2L2

Early Bird and Worm, located at 149 Roncesvalles in Toronto, features unique local makers and beloved international brands. They are passionate about ethically made and design-focused products. From onesies to swaddle blankets, their collection aligns perfectly with the minimalist aesthetic. Their curated products aim to encourage individuality, break stereotypes, and promote a quality-over-quantity lifestyle.

Early Bird and Worm offers cute newborn and baby clothing, educational toys, and care items. They also have a fantastic selection of women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home décor and organization products. Also, check out Early Bird and Worm if you are looking for social connections with same minded new mamas. They host various workshops and events, including sleep consultations.

August Kinn

1374 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1M9

August Kinn offers a fantastic selection of newborn, baby + toddler apparel, baby accessories such as carriers, teethers and soothers, bibs, backpacks, and multi-use covers. I have been to the store many times and they always have the cutest rompers, onesies, and hats in the neutral colors which photograph so well.

August Kinn is also a great store for shopping for yourself! Their Grown Up section includes dresses, loungewear, swimming suits, and beautifully curated seasonal collections. If you need a dress for a photoshoot, check out their selection of dresses from Rylee+Cru, Jackson Rowe, Naif, Gentle Fawn and others.

Also, you can find nursery and home items such as nursing chairs and bassinets, decor items, storage baskets, cozy blankets, beautiful quilts, and many more!

Little Peeps

742 Queen St. East, M4M 1H2

Little Peeps is another adorable store located in the Riverside/Leslieville area of Toronto. Little Peeps’ emphasis is on selecting wholesome and eco-friendly products for kids. They carry the cutest baby brands like Parade, Coccoli, Pehr, and Vignette. Also, you can find high-quality toys, footwear, books, artwork, and essentials catering to children aged 0-10 years at the store.


1062 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2L4

Mth is another eco-friendly store with a wonderful concept. At Mth, they are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest sustainability research, acting with the well-being of future generations in mind. Their commitment extends from choosing organically sourced cotton for garments, ensuring the well-being of cotton farmers, to opting for FSC certified wood in toys, assembled without formaldehyde-containing glues.

Mth presents a delightful assortment of newborn and baby clothing featuring a minimalist design and a soft color palette. They carry cute wool baby suits from Danish brand Hullelihut; timeless yet modern organic baby apparel from Bacabuche; adorable outfits for toddlers from the Spanish brand Tocotó Vintage; and many more.

Looking for a newborn photoshoot in Toronto?

I hope you liked reading this blog entry and now know what to wear for your lifestyle newborn photo session! If you need any help with planning the tricky parts of your baby’s photoshoot, I’m here for you. Visit my website to learn more about services I offer or contact me here.

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