Bare Market Toronto – Your eco friendly One-Stop Shop

In the last few years my family have taken to a eco friendly & low-waste lifestyle, to reduce the quantity of single-use plastics ending up in landfills. It takes time and routine to develop new low-waste habits. We started using fabric shopping bags and containers and glass jars for groceries, and to refill body and home care products. A big help for us in achieving a lower waste lifestyle has been a local store, Bare Market, where we shop on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis.

Bare Market Toronto: Eco-Friendly Baby, Kids, and Pregnancy Products

Bare Market – Eco Friendly Baby & Pregnancy Products,
and Low-Waste Groceries

‘Bare’ Concept

Bare Market is a retail and grocery concept that promotes a package-free approach, aiming to encourage behavior change and provide incentives for everyday consumers to minimize waste and at the same time to save money. Also, at Bare Market, they believe that waste reduction can be a powerful way to begin conversations about larger environmental and social problems that affect our society.

One-stop shopping

Our weekly grocery purchase at Bare Market usually includes bulk granola, nuts, grains, frozen berries (for smoothies my kids really love), maple syrup, oils and vinegars, pasta, fresh veggies and fruits (organic and conventional), yogurt, butter, cheeses, sour cream, and cleaning products. And yes, we carry one hundred jars with us to fill them in. Bare Market also offers jars on loan with a small deposit of $2, making it easier to shop package-free!

Bare Market Toronto: Eco-Friendly Baby  Products
Bare Market Toronto: Eco-Friendly Baby, & Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy & Baby Products

Bare Market also has a great selection of natural body care products for adults, kids, and babies. We use several of them daily. As a photographer who works a lot with pregnant women and babies, I noticed they have great organic refill options of unscented baby shampoos, lotions, baby oils, and baby balms. You can refill small containers with Nipple Butter, zinc-free Nappy Ointment, or Belly Butter as well. By the way, Belly Butter includes shea and cocoa butters that have a delightful chocolate smell – treat your belly and connect with your little one!

Bare Market Toronto: Eco-Friendly  Pregnancy Products

Another great product for new parents is the Lifefactory Baby + Me Bottle Set. The bottles are made from high-quality thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass and are safe for sanitizing in boiling water. Also, you can find Breast Milk Storage Set and Pregnancy and Ovulation Test Strips.

Eco Friendly Kids’ Stuff

As a mom of two school age kids, I understand the importance of using reusable bottles and lunch containers to help reduce waste. My kids love their stainless steel lunch boxes and Cloth Snack Bags which fit into kids’ jacket pockets. Also, you can find Stasher Bags, Sandwich Boxes, Stainless Kids Juice Cups in the store on their website. By consciously choosing these low-waste options, I believe, we can instill eco-conscious values in our children and teach them the significance of reducing waste and protecting our environment.

A few shelves in the store are full of fun kid’s stuff including Baby rattle toys, wooden puzzles, memory games, wooden Yo-Yo, compass and even first pocket knife! Also, I am in love with eco-friendly-package-free-super-cute cards made of 100% recycled paper.


Bare Market offers free daily local delivery for orders over $125 within Toronto and GTA and uses 100% plastic free and in up-cycled containers including paper tape to seal packaging, recycled packing paper or used newspaper. Home deliveries worked really well for us during pandemic times.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, low-waste-conscious newborn photographer in Toronto, feel free to check out my website here.

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