Toronto Newborn Photography

In-home Toronto newborn photography

Let’s craft sentimental and honest memories
that will stand the test of time!

Organic. Minimalist. Sentimental.

Congratulations on your BABY!
I am so grateful to capture this special

time of your family.

I specialize in lifestyle and naturally posed newborn photography. My photo sessions are casual and relaxed, and are held in the comfort of your home.

During your photoshoot, I will direct you to the best available light and guide you through the whole experience to create thoughtful and artistic memories. Not everyone (even me) feels comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We can discuss all your concerns and wishes regarding the session and I will guide and prompt you all the way. As your newborn photographer, I want your photography session to feel like a breeze!

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

What is important to me is that the session is totally baby-led. I follow your baby’s natural routine and take pictures of whatever baby is doing – stretching in your arms, yawning, snuggling, looking with wide open eyes, sleeping, or even crying.

I believe that babies are cute and beautiful as they are and I don’t use any fancy props. I focus on capturing simple and timeless images that highlight the natural beauty of your newborn.

kind words

“Inga was incredible to work with!

She was remarkably patient, and her determination and dedication to her craft to get the ‘perfect picture’ really pays off – I absolutely loved the photos from both my maternity and newborn shoots! She is also just a lovely individual. I can’t recommend her enough, and wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again.”

Aren’t these moments joyful, natural, and just adorable?

What to expect?

01 | Unique Toronto Newborn photography

Your session includes natural, and directed but not forced, posing in the comfort of your home.

No props are necessary – we will focus on the sweet connection between you and your baby.

02 | Timeless photographs for you and next generation to enjoy

I offer a wide variety of “poses”, angles, close portraits, and lifestyle shots in the proofing gallery. You choose the photos that you love!

I hand edit every single image but keep the photos looking natural. I love minimalist photographs with a touch of soft white where you and your baby are the main focus.

03 | I am here for you!

I guide you through the whole newborn session experience from start to finish. We can discuss your outfits and how to prepare for the session in detail.

I will suggest the best fine art products for you, including photo albums, wall art, and prints for your home.

Parenthood is an intricate tapestry woven with threads of boundless love, unwavering dedication, and profound joy.

Frequently asked Questions

What age is the best for newborn photography?

I offer naturally posed newborn photography and don’t pose babies into poses when they need to be extremely flexible. That’s why I don’t have strict timelines for newborn sessions. Typically, I photograph newborns in the first two weeks of their lives, when everything is new! I think they also sleep better at this age.

What to wear for newborn photos?

I will provide you with the styling recommendations and we will discuss in detail what to wear for your newborn session. In general, I recommend wearing a white or light color palette, such as soft whites or neutrals. Moms are welcome to borrow a dress from my clients’ closet.

Do you use props for newborn sessions?

I believe that babies are cute and beautiful as they are, and don’t need to be posed in baskets, buckets, or with other fancy props. Rather, I focus on capturing simple and timeless images that highlight the natural beauty of your newborn. If you have a particular sentimental item that you would like to be captured in photographs, such as a cherished teddy bear from your own childhood or a baby blanket crocheted by your grandma, I am absolutely happy to include them.

Can parents and siblings participate in newborn photo sessions?

Absolutely! All members of your immediate family can participate. Pets are welcome too, and can really add to the sentimental value of the pictures.

Fine art photo albums and prints

I am happy to handle your printing needs. I work with several Toronto boutique printing companies and their work is absolutely gorgeous. I encourage my clients to print and showcase their photographs, capturing their journey into motherhood. In this digital era, we store thousands of images on our devices, but they still fade easily into the past.

Let’s work together!

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